Sunday, February 29, 2004

Well done Middlesbrough!(though I would have liked Bolton to win really.)
I hope that Boudewijn Zenden isn't the only Chelsea player to get a winners medal this year. Chelsea's under-achieving, on-loan winger helped Middlesbrough to a 2-1 victory over Bolton in the Carling Cup Final at the Millennium Station in Cardiff today.

Friday, February 27, 2004

It's What He Would Have Wanted
Mark Voegel's pets killed him and then ate him. Very gruesome story from The Mirror.
'More than 200 spiders, several snakes, a gecko called Helmut and several thousand termites gorged on their former master for days.
Helmut, eh? ...and what kind of freak keeps termites as pets?

'Police found the remains of 30-year-old loner Voegel draped across a sofa, covered in giant cobwebs'.
"Spiders were running all over him," said a spokesman. "They were coming out of his nose and mouth. Larger pieces of flesh had been torn off by the lizards and were taken back to the webs of tarantulas and other bird-eating spiders.'

Is it just me or do these kind of things always seem to happen in Germany?

I just hope that Whiskers the rat (see below) doesn't get any nasty ideas - I doubt it though, she's just about the friendliest critter I've ever met.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Looking Through Tonino Grande's Eyes
Tonino's getting all philosophical.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Soccer Result Prediction Service
Here are my guaranteed (in)correct predictions for this weekends important Association Football matches...
updated saturday night...
Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal - (in hope rather than belief) - actual score 1-2 - for all Roman's cash, why do we have to suffer Neil Sullivan as reserve goalie?
Man Utd 4-1 Leeds United - - 1-1 Excellent goal from Smith completely against the run of play - ha!
Bolton 3-2 Man City - (...and sadly, it's bye bye Kevin) 1-3 - Great to see Robbie Fowler's return to form
Charlton 2-0 Blackburn 3-2 - Carlton Cole scores great goal as does Blackburn keeper Friedel
Newcastle 2-2 Middlesbrough 2-1 - Bellamy back causing chaos - Zenden, another Chelsea player out on loan scores, maybe Forssell will make it 3 tomorrow
Southampton 1-2 Everton - (Everton might get lucky as home fans distract team over Hoddle outrage) 3-3 - nearly right - great goals by Rooney and Fabrice Fernandes
Wolves 2-1 Fulham - 2-1 - blimey, I got one right!
Aston Villa 1-2 Birmingham 2-2 - Villa throw it away
Tottenham 3-4 Leicester City - (anything could happen and probably will) 4-4 - pretty close, but I should have known really

Norwich 2-2 West Ham Utd - (The mighty Zamora continues to prove critics wrong) 1-1
Rotherham Utd 7-0 Nottm Forest - (I honestly believe this will happen Tonino, sorry)) 1-1

Brighton 2-0 Bournemouth - (I remember when they were The Dolphins!)) 3-0 and Leon Knight scores again!

FA Cup Fifth Round Replay
Portsmouth 3-2 Liverpool - (Houllier out, Yay!) 2-1 - Great result for Pompy!

As usual they're probably all wrong as I have a proud record of inaccuracy to maintain but that's they way it looks to me.
I did better than Mark bloody Lawrenson in The Mirror!

Monday, February 16, 2004

It's a Rat
The Lovely WhiskersOur youngest daughter, D, wanted a Zebra Mouse, but apparently they can jump 2 feet directly upwards, like to eat mealworms at least once a week (so you have to keep them and feed them as well as the rodent), and generally don't really like being picked up (or being pets I guess).

We persuaded D that rats make good pets. You can train them. People walk around with them on their shoulders, usually goths, not 8 year old Busted fans, still what the hell, it's never too early to learn to look after something is it? Then our older daughter, R, decided she wanted a hampster! great!

The rat is called Whiskers, the hampster is Dawn. They are quite cute.

[Update: Apparently, owing to her markings, Whiskers is a 'badger rat' - cool, eh?]

[Update 2 : Many thanks to dr. dave for pointing out that 'hampster' is actually spelt 'hamster' - (however badly I pronounce it)]

Books etc...
I've just read 4 novels in a row by Christopher Brookmyre. "Boiling a Frog", "A Big Boy Did It And Ran Away", "The Sacred Art of Stealing " and "Not the End of the World " He's very good but I wouldn't recommend it. By the fourth book, I knew exactly what characters were going to do and say and when and where the plot twists were coming.
He's got a new book in the shops now, "Be my Enemy" - I really want to read it, but I'm going to hold out as long as I can. Anyway, thanks to my excellent Oxfam shop, I have a Douglas Coupland to read, "All Families Are Psychotic".
Excluding studying, what's the most books you've read by a single author without a break? I'm pretty sure my train buddy, Joe, read just about all of William Boyds novels at once.

Monday, February 09, 2004

Things I've noticed from watching TV recently. (Part 1)
The Lovely AmandaThe BBC would very much like to repeat the success of their sitcom, "My Family" - the one with Wolfie Smith and the lovely pixie - Zöe Wanamaker. The first time I saw "My Family" I thought it was the worst thing I'd ever seen on television.
However, the kids kept watching it and I kept laughing so I had to revise my opinion. Also another sitcom turned up called something like "My Family" starring Jasper Carrot and a handicapped chap in a wheelchair. It's all very earnest and lovely, but it's rubbish and Jasper can't act. At all.
So now the beeb have come up with "Mad About Alice". There are good things about this programme and there are bad things about this programme.
The good things are John Gordon Sinclair and Amanda Holden, the bad things are everything else. John Gordon Sinclair used to be called Gordon John Sinclair or John Sinclair Gordon. The script is appalling, but John/Gordon is pretty good whatever he's in.
Amanda Holden! I know everyone seems to hate Amanda after she was so nasty to Les Dennis, but fuck it. Amanda's gorgeous. The makers of "Mad about Alice" also know this. This is why every episode they make her appear in her underwear or nightclothes or her pink velour jogging suit. Ahh!
Jamie Theakston plays her ex-husband. Not very well. Did I say that the script is appalling? It is.
The most incredible bit about the whole show is the theme tune, which appears to be "sung" by Theakston and the lovely Amanda. It's unbelievably awful. A horrible racket. Ghastly ear-torture. It's like the sound you get when you're bashing your cat with a tennis racket.
It's actually worth catching the start of the show, even if you hate Amanda, just to hear the theme tune - you'll be amazed that the beeb allows it.
Amanda Holden is also great in "Cutting It", but she isn't on screen enough. The main problem with "Mad About Alice" is that Mrs del Fuego turns it over whenever it comes on because it's so bad. (She watches Holby City without protest though, which sort of proves how truly grim "MAA" is)
My argument that it's worth watching purely for the beauty of Amanda is unlikely to be well received, so I keep quiet and wait for "Footballers' Wives" which returns this week.
Now that's a show worthy of Ms Holden's talents.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Transfer Wars
West Ham fans may be disappointed to lose the excellent Jermaine Defoe to Spurs. But, they're getting £7m and Bobby Zamora.
Zamora is a brilliant player and never really got a chance to prove himself at Tottenham. I reckon he'll be a huge star at Upton Park, especially without the weight of expectation but with the desire to prove Spurs were wrong to let him go so soon.

Squirrel Wars
The UK's dwindling population of red squirrels has been thrown a lifeline with the opening of a forest refuge.
I love grey squirrels too actually, but we should save our indiginous species - they have cool ears too.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

Geek Hero (Part 2)
The man who invented Ctrl+Alt+Delete retired from IBM Corp. on Friday after 28½ years. In 1980, David Bradley, now 55, was one of 12 people working to create the IBM PC.
The engineers knew they had to design a simple way to restart the computer should it fail. Bradley spent five minutes writing the computer code that has helped bail out millions of PC users.
Imagine if he got a royalty fee every time that code was run!
What a guy! But who was the brains behind "Insert" button? I'd like to punch his lights out!